Why choose BlueSky Investment Counsel?

BlueSky Investment Counsel Inc. is an independent, discretionary portfolio management firm that caters to the needs of individual investors, institutions and not-for-profit organizations. We take the time to know our clients and develop a personal relationship built on trust, expertise and a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. BlueSky Investment Counsel deems most of its  portfolios Socially Responsible Investments, meaning we invest in socially responsible companies while generating strong risk adjusted performance in our portfolios.

We focus on long-term and consistent results, not short term performance. We manage a variety of  investment accounts from registered plans like RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs and TFSAs to taxable accounts for individuals and corporations. We also do a great deal of work for non-profit organizations that share our values. We foster meaningful client relationships that allow us to provide truly personalized wealth management solutions.

At BlueSky Investment Counsel, we are part of a small group of investment firms in Canada with a fiduciary duty to our clients to act with care, honesty and good faith. BlueSky Investment Counsel is a member of the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) and is regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

BlueSky Investment Counsel has partnered with Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC as a primary provider for best in class service when it comes to safeguarding client assets.

Clients accounts are protected by the CIPF (Canadian Investor Protection Fund) and are accessible 24/7 through an online portal.

About Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC

Fidelity Clearing Canada provides clearing, custody and trade execution services to Canadian registered broker/dealers and Portfolio Managers. Fidelity Clearing Canada is a division of Fidelity Institutional, based in Boston and part of privately held FMR LLC (Fidelity Management and Research).

Fidelity Institutional businesses administer over $3 trillion in assets for over 4 million investors across North America. Fidelity Clearing Canada helps clients thrive by enhancing their operational efficiency and supporting the growth of their businesses, driving confidence, clarity and results.

For more information about Fidelity Clearing Canada, please visit: clearingcanada.fidelity.com. Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. www.CIPF.ca