Welcome to BlueSky Investment Counsel

BlueSky Investment Counsel Inc. is an independent, discretionary portfolio management firm that caters to the needs of individual households,  not-for profit institutions and companies.

Complete Solutions

By working with us, you are choosing an independent and uncompromising firm when it comes to delivering value. In addition to managing your portfolio, we look at all aspects of your financial needs whether you are an individual household,  not-for profit institution, or company. Although we specialize in investment management, we will work with you to deliver a complete suite of solutions through our extensive network of lawyers, accountants and other banking professionals.  


    Your needs first

    We take the time to get to know our clients and develop a personal relationship built on trust, expertise and a thorough understanding of goals and objectives.


    Performance matters

    We run well-constructed, disciplined, strategic portfolios that generate strong risk adjusted performance for our clients.


    Investing responsibly

    We strive to invest in ethically and socially responsible companies. While we focus on performance and risk management, we also strive to being a positive contribution to the environment and the community.

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